A six year old has caught a rainbow trout at the city marina in Whanganui.

Ariele Ras caught the fish last weekend just behind the Crazy Pumpkin on a sabiki rig and later released it.

Her dad Johan, who took the photos, said it was a rare sight and might be of interest to Chronicle readers.

He's right.


Taranaki Fish & Game Council field officer Allen Stancliff said it was "definitely a rainbow trout" and quite unusual in this part of the river.

"The Whanganui River catchment supports wild self-sustaining populations of both brown and rainbow trout, particularly in inland tributaries such as the Manganui-o-te-ao.

"After spawning in June-July some fish will move downstream to the river's tidal reaches where the water is warmer and food, such as shrimp and crab, is plentiful.

"Trout up to 3kg or more have been caught in the Whanganui River estuary in recent years.

"The Whanganui mainstem trout population is dominated by brown trout, so to catch a rainbow is something special" Mr Stancliff said.

He added: "Anglers need a fishing licence to catch trout (the licence is free to children under 12 on 1st October 2016), otherwise they have to release any trout they catch, so good on Ariele for doing the right thing."