Change is coming to one of Whanganui's more notorious intersections.

The St Hill St-Ingestre St intersection is programmed to be upgraded next financial year as part of the Te Tuaiwi shared pathway project that passes through the intersection.

But importantly as a part of the upgrade, the traffic signal control and phases of the intersection will be analysed and programmed by a traffic signal specialist.

A Whanganui District Council spokesperson said the upgrade is estimated to cost $150,000-$200,000 and has been budgeted for.


The intersection has been the scene of a number of accidents and some of those have involved motor vehicles hitting pedestrians.

The corner is controlled by traffic signals which have a sequence which lets walkers and motorists move at the same time. But signs advise motorists they must give way to pedestrians. It means drivers turning both right or left need to mindful that walkers have the right of way.

Last week a young man was injured when he stepped into the path of a car as the driver was making a left turn into St Hill St.

In May 2014 a woman was hospitalised after she was knocked over at the intersection.

Shaun Ruscoe, who owns Autofix on Ingestre St, said last week's accident was the third one he has witnessed at the intersection within the past two years.

"I think there needs to be something done about the lights at that intersection," Mr Ruscoe told the Chronicle.

"Drivers and pedestrians don't seem to know who has the right of way and the lights don't let people know."