Award-winning author Stephen Daisley will be speaking in Whanganui on Friday evening.

Mr Daisley is the author of Coming Rain, which in May won the inaugural $50,000 Acorn Foundation Literary Award, for his novel Coming Rain. In 2011 he won the New South Wales Premier's Literary Awards for Fiction for his book Traitor, and has been short-listed for many other literary awards.

Originally from Raetihi, Mr Daisley has led a colourful life and has worked as a shearer, musterer and soldier before becoming an author. He lives in Western Australia with his wife and five children.

Mr Daisley's talk is presented by the Whanganui Literary Trust and Paige's Book Gallery. He will discuss everything from reading to writing to shearing, mustering and soldiering.


His first novel, Traitor, is set in Gallipoli, in World War I and is a tale about friendship between a New Zealander and a Turk. Coming Rain takes place in western Australia in the 1950s. The friendship between two shearers is a central theme with a tale about a dingo running parallel and at times crossing trails.

Mr Daisley will speak at the Royal Wanganui Opera House annexe at 5.30pm on September 2. Nibbles provided and drinks will be available. Entry is $10 at the door.