Operatunity's latest daytime concert, When Irish Eyes Are Smiling, hosts a number of talented favourites, including fiddler Marian Burns, pianist Paul Carnegie-Jones and singers John Cameron, Alex Milligan and Lynette Martin.

However, there is also a new face who will be presenting a unique flavour to the concert.

Operatunity newcomer Serena Hendry is bringing her dancing shoes to the stage in When Irish Eyes Are Smiling. Having won the New Zealand Irish Dance competition last year and competed in places as far afield as Canada and the UK, she is ready to show off her skills across her home country.

Although Serena is new to the company, she is a seasoned performer and knows her way around a stage.


"I come from a big family of seven and we have put on variety shows across Auckland since I was young," she said. "I started Irish dance when I was 10".

She credits her grandmother for keeping the Irish roots alive in her family, even encouraging both Serena and her brother to pursue Irish Dance.

"Whenever there was an opportunity to celebrate Irish culture, she'd get us together to do so," she explained.

She was also lucky enough to travel to the Emerald Isles to experience the culture for herself.

"My great-grandmother was from Donegal and my family got to visit there a few years ago," she said.

The troupe will be in Whanganui on Thursday, September 15, at the War Memorial Hall Concert Chamber with the concert starting at 11am. To book your tickets or find out more information, go to www.daytimeconcerts.co.nz, call toll free on 0508 266 237 or send an email to bookings@operatunity.co.nz.