Twenty-seven years after sitting on the Bulls County Council, Graeme Platt is seeking a return to local body politics with a seat on the Rangitikei District Council.

Mr Platt is one of four after the two Bulls Ward seats at this October's election.

"Mostly because there are considerable things happening in the town that a lot of people are not happy with," he said.

"I decided I'd like to change some things."


Mr Platt said the big issue facing Bulls was whether to proceed with the proposed three-story civic centre design.

"There are a lot of people not happy about that. It's a lot of money and the town hall that is going to be part of it is going to finish up smaller than the existing hall."

Mr Platt has owned the pharmacy in the town for 45 years.

Meanwhile, Marton born and bred Brendon Williams is running for the hotly contested Marton Ward.

The Tutaenui farmer wants to be a voice for sustaining the services Marton needed and an advocate for primary industries.

"I have spent 14 years in Jaycees running large community fund raising initiatives and involved in organising many community events," he said.

"I have also had an active role in supporting our children's local schools and have taken a leadership role in various economic development projects for Rangitikei District Council."

Mr Williams wanted to ensure the councils didn't put barriers in front of the primary industries.

"I am unashamedly a farmer, who wants to see our farming and food production sectors continue to thrive for the benefit of Marton and the wider community."