A man who tried to drag his ex girlfriend's new partner out of a car window has been given a prison sentence.

Kushal Chand saw his ex and her new partner on August 1 sitting in a car, so he approached the window, Judge David Cameron said in the Whanganui District Court on Tuesday.

He started "in effect, pestering the female victim, who became uncomfortable", Judge Cameron said.

Chand "became confrontational" to the woman's new partner, asking him who he was and whether he was sleeping with the woman.


He repeatedly told him to get out of the car and leave.

The male victim refused to get out of the car, so Chand grabbed him and tried to pull him out through the driver's side window.

The victim fought back, striking Chand in the face. Chand then reached into the car and punched the male victim about eight times around the head.

The female victim had a protection order against Chand.

He pleaded guilty in court to breaching the protection order, and common assault.

Judge Cameron sentenced him to three months in prison.