Patea princes and princesses shall be going to the ball thanks to donations of gowns, suits, jewellery and shoes.

Since the "Quest for a dress" call went out for help to outfit students for Patea Area School's first ball since 1992, the donations have been pouring in from around New Zealand and overseas.

Helping to get them there are Graham and Denise Clarke of Fastway Couriers in Whanganui with a daily run to Patea.

"We talked about helping after we saw a post on Facebook," said Graham.
"Initially we thought we could offer the free service to transport donations from Whanganui people but they have been coming in from all over the country."


Graham and Denise added the dress that their daughter wore to her school ball to the latest donations headed for Patea.

"There is a bag of shoes, an entire outfit complete with jewellery and a lady in Nelson has sent nine dresses," said Denise.

Graham advertised on NZME Radio this week and more Whanganui people have answered the call to add their donations.

Since the school's quest has featured on both Maori TV and TV One as well as social media the world has become aware of it and a parcel from France has arrived at the school.

One of the ball co-ordinators, Maruata Ngarewa-Cribb has a great aunt who lives in Paris and has organised a collection in the French capital.

Maruata, along with Charlotte Stark and Kaena Anderson came up with the quest idea when some students said the cost of getting dressed up and going to the ball would be quite difficult for them.

With the number of donations coming in, students will be well kitted-out for the ball which will be held on September 10.

The organisers say they are grateful for anything and everything that is coming in but they were still hoping to find a red carpet, fairy lights, decorations and prizes for the king and queen of the ball.