A Masters Games gold medal has been found on a Whanganui street and the finder says he would like to return it to the owner.

Angus Dawson 10, of Aberfeldy School said he did not know what to do with the medal which was won in 2013.

"I found it on Keith St and now I would like to return it to the person who dropped it.

"There is a van that picks people up for badminton near where I found it and I think someone might have been getting out of the van with their arms full and didn't know they had dropped the medal."


Angus won three gold and two silver medals of his own last week when Aberfeldy School held their Olympics last week.

"I am proud of my medals and I thought someone might be missing this one," he said.

Anyone missing the medal or who knows who it might belong to can ring Aberfeldy School on 06 342 5757.