When artists and gallery owners Sarah Williams and Mark and Paul Rayner "swapped" galleries last year, it was such a success they decided to do it again.

Ms Williams' exhibition, The chair is an island, darling, is showing at the Rayner Brothers Gallery in Guyton St; while Space Gallery is hosting Mark and Paul Rayner's exhibition, Space Oddities.

All three artists agreed they had enjoyed their gallery swap last year and were keen to try it again.

Ms Williams said it was important for her to have the deadline of a show to give her the push to make art.


"I run a gallery and have a young child, so It can be really hard to fit in time for my own art. So it's good to have that deadline, so I know I have to finish."

The chair is an island, darling features Ms Williams' understated ink and gouache drawings, but with a wider focus than usual.

"I normally do detailed, isolated objects, but these drawings have a fuller focus - which was a bit of a challenge," Ms Williams said.

The body of work is around the challenges of moving house. It was completed over the last four months.

Mark and Paul Rayner also appreciated the deadline of having their own show.

"There were a few late nights, including one 3am finish," Mr Rayner said.

Their quirky, colourful exhibition contains ceramics, photography and Mark Rayner's woollen rug portraits.

Paul Rayner produced cut-out photos of local personalities, and has also made ceramics out of some of the photos.

The name of the exhibition, Space Oddities, is a play on the name of the gallery. It's also a reference to a song by the late David Bowie, who features in several rug portraits and ceramics.

Space Oddities is showing at Space Gallery until August 26. The chair is an island, darling is showing at Rayner Brothers Gallery until August 27.