He's spent three terms on the Wanganui rural community board; now David "Tex" Matthews wants a seat around the council table.

Mr Matthews is one of more than 30 candidates vying for 12 councillor seats on the Whanganui District Council. The elections will be held on October 8.

Mr Matthews said after three terms on the rural community board he wants to have more say.

"I understand how council works, but I don't have any voting rights on council decisions," he said.


Mr Matthews is also standing for the rural community board in the Whanganui subdivision, but his focus is the council.

There are certain issues that Mr Matthews is concerned with, including the impact of forestry of rural roads, and council debt.

"The wastewater treatment plant is obviously also something that needs to be sorted out. Whanganui has to have something that will work well, particularly for Imlay.

"Imlay is a vital source of job for Whanganui, for people who aren't doctors or lawyers but still want to do an honest day's work," Mr Matthews said.

He also believes the council should support the roofing of the velodrome.

"It's a shame that we have a velodrome that is rotting; it's the only hardboard track around. It might need a bit of help from the council."

Mr Matthews farms sheep and beef on a 2000ha farm on SH4. He was born and bed in Whanganui, and went to Wanganui Collegiate.

During his time on the rural community board, Mr Matthews has won a national award for working with Inspire to bring broadband to rural Whanganui.