Whanganui District Council hopeful Bevan Johnston wants to see more "transparency and openness" around the council table.

That's the reason Mr Johnston is putting his name forward at the October 8 local government elections, for the second election in a row.

"I enjoy the opportunity to stand up and speak about what's right. I believe that if you want to make change, you have to do it yourself," Mr Johnston said.

He said he was concerned about the lack of "honesty" at the council.


"The thing that really concerned me was the amount of time it took to get Kowhai Park up and running again after the floods. It was an eyesore for so long.

"I've seen places devastate much worse that were reinstated much quicker. Why did the council let that happen?" he said.

"I'm ready to front up and hold the council to account."

Mr Johnston has lived in Whanganui since 1993. He currently works in sales and marketing. His passion is for cars and has organised several demolition derby and stock car events in Whanganui.