Whanganui District Council candidate Ian Brougham wants to scrap "preferential treatment" for Maori.

The retired builder and painter has decided to stand for council at the October 8 local government elections because he wants to see an end to "race-based politics".

"We need to scrap all consultation with iwi, which costs the council about $150,000 per year, on the grounds that it gives preferential treatment to one group at the expense of the general public," Mr Brougham said.

He said he would like to see a binding referendum within 90 days of the new council taking office on the use of the Whanganui, rather than Wanganui, spelling.


Mr Brougham said "Whanganui" was not a Maori word.

"The 350 submissions that were sent to the Geographic Board supporting the 'h' were based on hearsay. My submission against the 'h' was based on truth but was rejected."

Mr Brougham supports Councillor Helen Craig's call for councillors' pay to be based on meeting attendance. However, he has taken it further by suggesting that senior council officers' pay should be based on performance.

He would also like to see the number of councillors cut from 12 to nine.

He believes council needs to focus on economic growth, and rates rises should be kept to a maximum of 2 per cent per year.

Mr Brougham has lived in Whanganui all his life. He stood unsuccessfully for Whanganui District Council in 2013, and as a New Zealand First candidate for the Whanganui electorate in the 2014 general elections. Mr Brougham is no longer a member of New Zealand First.