A group of artists from the Wanganui Arts Society is holding an exhibition of their work at Cooks Gallery.

The artists are part of the "Tuesday group" - members of the society who get together every Tuesday morning to socialise and paint.

The group's oldest member is Dawn McCormick who, at 91 years old, is still enthusiastically painting. She uses water-soluble oils to create her vivid landscape paintings.

The other group members whose works are in the exhibition are Janis Cusack, Maureen Warren, June Hawkins, Cloria E Materi, Martin Smith, Jenny Mordey and Angela Capes. The exhibition contains about 50 paintings.


Mrs McCormick said all the works were produced over the last year.

"There's a really big variety of works - we all paint very different things."

Mrs McCormick said new members were always welcome to the Tuesday group - bring your own arts supplies. They meet every Tuesday at 9.30am, at Cooks Gallery on Trafalgar Pl (behind Wanganui Motors, off Ridgway St).

"People come along and work on whatever they feel like doing," Mrs McCormick said.

"It's a really good, social and supportive group."

The exhibition runs until the end of August.