There was a marvellous celebration at Castlecliff School last week.

Pizzas and chocolate cake were served to nine special students. The nine were part of the 12-strong acting librarian group (3 were away) who took over the school library after school librarian Nina Miller was struck down by a heart attack eight weeks ago . For six weeks, the young librarians took charge in the library every lunchtime.

Ms Miller said lunchtimes was always a busy time in the library, especially for the little children.

"They love coming into the library to play games, sit at the computers and choose books."


But running the library hadn't fazed the young librarians at all, she said.

"They organised new rosters and ran the library like clockwork."

"It wasn't that easy, really," said one girl. "We had to make sure everyone behaved themselves and that was quite tiring."

"I was amazed at all the noise the little kids make," said another girl.

In the end they didn't really stick to the roster, they said.

"No, we all came in every day to make sure nothing went wrong," the girls said.

The only glitch was when they lost the key to the special locked cupboard, one boy said.
"It's really a special teachers' cupboard with valuable stuff in it like the Monopoly game and other things."