A stamp dealing couple from Auckland were two of the stall holders at Sunday's stamp and coin fair in Whanganui.

David and Gay Bevan had a table set up in the Wanganui RSA to display their stamps, which Mr Bevan has been collecting since he was 5.

"A collector for 65 years, that sounds terrible," Mrs Bevan said.

Mr Bevan began dealing his stamps in 1996, and says many of them have interesting stories. ehind them.


He saw an envelope recently with an India stamp on it from 1947 - "that was when Pakistan broke away from India."

Mrs Bevan said she enjoyed the people and the travelling involved in stamp dealing, while Mr Bevan said it was about the challenge of "finding something different and new".

A fair organiser said the day had started off "steadily" and they had 16 tables set up.

"I'm glad that the weather was fine," she said.

The organiser did not want to be identified due to the "high risk" stamp and coin dealers could face of being robbed.