A chance visit to a local art gallery lead to Brunswick School student Charlie Schwamm taking part in the gallery's current exhibition.

Charlie is one of several photographers whose work forms the Flash! show, which closes August 6 at the Rayner Brothers Gallery.

Paul Rayner, co-owner of the gallery, said Charlie and his mum paid a visit to the gallery one day and got talking to Mr Rayner.

"We just happened to mention that we had this photography pop-up show coming up, and Charlie got very interested. So we thought, why not?" Mr Rayner said.


He said Charlie, who turns 12 this month, is the youngest person to have exhibited at the gallery.

Charlie's photos were taken on his mum's cellphone during a walk around Queens Park. They depict details that Charlie has spotted, but in negative image and with one bright colour.

Although he has a camera, he took the photos on a cellphone because of the effects he could create.

"Cameras don't have the different options for filters like cellphones do."

Charlie said he was very happy to be part of the exhibit.

"This is the first exhibition I've ever done. I think I'd like to do more."

He said he was very grateful to Paul and Mark Rayner for giving him the opportunity to exhibit.