A man used fake details to make direct debit payments around the same time he was sentenced for similar dishonesty offences.

On February 5, while on community detention, Jarred Munro called Genesis Energy and set up a direct debt payment using someone else's bank account details.

A $50 payment was made.

On March 3 he did the same with a fake name and somebody else's details, making two payments of $9.


In February, Munro was sentenced on charges of offensive use of a telephone and using a telephone for a fictitious purpose.

The following month he was sentenced on further charges of using a phone for a fictitious purpose.

He appeared again in the Whanganui District Court on Tuesday where he pleaded guilty to two charges of causing loss by deception.

Judge Philip Crayton sentenced him to 80 hours community work.

"On the face these are minor offences but they show that you are getting a little bit more planned and a little bit more cynical," he said.

"They take advantage of knowledge that you have and have."

Judge Crayton said it was disturbing for the victim whose bank details were used.