Who needs to chase Pokemon when there are favourite board games and foosball on offer?

Rounding off an action-packed week, children attending the YMCA Wanganui holiday programme enjoyed spending a day at the home base in Grey St on Friday.

"The little ones have been to Boys and Girls Gym and now they are baking cup cakes while the older ones are playing games, watching a movie or doing art work," said supervisor Mikaela Healy.

After a week spent visiting the gym, swimming pools, the roller skating rink and having their own "master chef" competition, the junior and senior groups were enjoying indoor activities although Ms Healy said everyone was keen to get outside and run around whenever the rain stopped.


The fun continues this week and for senior participants (8 -13 year-olds) who have opted for the creative arts programme there is singing, dancing, Maori and performing arts, learning sound production at the Awa Clubhouse and it will all culminate in a talent quest this Friday.

Others have joined the extreme programme, participating in rock climbing, abseiling, kart racing and an overnight stay at Camp Raukawa at Kakatahi.