In the winter of 2015 the Wanganui Potters Society had to cancel its annual show.

The Potters' Society rooms and the Whanganui Community Arts Centre, where the exhibition was due to be held, are located next door to each other on Taupo Quay. Both were badly damaged by the swollen Whanganui River during the June 2015 floods.

On Saturday the Potters' Society opens its 2016 annual show at the Whanganui Community Arts Centre, and president Tony Kale said the society was in good heart.

Mr Kale said the floods proved to be "a blessing in disguise".


"They weren't much fun at the time, and our rooms were out of action for four or five months. But the floods have been a great clearing out for us, and we've been revitalised.

"We wouldn't want another flood too quickly, though - maybe another 30 years down the track."

The show, organised by Mr Kale and committee member Diane Fazzini, is crammed full of varied works by society members.

"It's all work made over the past two years. Normally it's work made that year, but because of the floods, some of the works were made last year or the year before," Ms Fazzini said.

Joining the exhibition is guest potter Bruce Walford from Palmerston North, whose works include variations on a boat theme - from waka to elaborate house boats - and bowls and vases with unusual lustres.

The ceramic work is enhanced by quilts on the gallery walls, many of which were made by members of the Potters' Society.

"We usually have paintings alongside the exhibition, but this year some of our members who are also quilters made quilts," Mr Kale said.

The exhibition runs till July 16, and most works in the exhibition are for sale.