Ray O'Leary manages to combine philosophy, politics and big ideas in his comedy act.

He's been performing in Wellington for 10 months and is bringing it closer to home for the first time on July 16. He'll be on stage, with four others, at the Globe Theatre in Palmerston North.

"It will be really good to have my mum and dad there, and maybe some of my sisters and high school friends," he said.

Mr O'Leary went to Cullinane College. Leaving Whanganui at 18, he studied philosophy at Victoria University.


"I was mainly interested in philosophy but I took some other papers to tell my mum I wasn't just doing that degree."

He now has a Masters degree in philosophy and a Wellington job as a public servant. He just turned 24.

He likes to tackle politics and big ideas in his stand-up routine. He said he wears a suit and speaks in an awkward, mock-knowledgeable manner, while saying ridiculous things.

The comedian he compares himself to is John Oliver.

"We're both interested in tackling politics and big ideas, though we deliver our jokes quite differently - he gets angry and loud and I am quite deadpan."

An example of the sort of thing he likes to say: "I try to do my bit for world hunger - I eat. I don't want to be part of the problem."

Wellington has been a good place for him, with a supportive live comedy community. He'd like to take comedy further, and perhaps make a living from it.

Tickets for The Globe Comedy Club on July 16 are available online at eventfinda.