A woman in her 40s was airlifted to Palmerston North Hospital on Friday night after being attacked by a dog around 7pm.

Detail of the attack was scant late last night but the woman was taken to the Hunterville rugby ground where the Hunterville Volunteer Fire Brigade had prepared a landing site for the Palmerston North Rescue helicopter (pictured).

Stephen Monks, the brigade's deputy fire officer, said as well as setting up the landing zone, firefighters helped load the patient into the helicopter.

"The chopper landed at the domain so we had the lights there turned on. It was a pretty straightforward exercise really," he said.


Mr Monks said he believed the woman was on a property a few kilometres out of the town when she was attacked.

She suffered multiple bites and was stabilised by St John Ambulance paramedics before being airlifted to Palmerston North. The helicopter crew used night vision goggles to make the landing.