A bit of Scottish country dancing took people at the River Traders Market by surprise on Saturday.

But the "pop up" dancing was part of the promotion of International Dance Scottish this month.

Debbie Roxburgh, spokesperson for the Wanganui Scottish Country Dance Club, said the display was all about promoting this dance form "as a pastime for all ages".

Mrs Roxburgh said it was about promoting country dancing for fun, fitness and friendship.


"We're always looking for new members so Saturday's display gave us that chance," she said.

"We've got about 30 members at the moment and we have dancers from school age through to their 80s.

"But like every organisation, we're always looking to keep growing our membership."

She said there was some positive interest shown by members of the public on Saturday as the club promoted its free dance series running throughout June.

The club holds dances every Friday night in the Carlton School hall, starting at 7pm for children and 8pm for adults.