The Whanganui District Health Board is on the lookout for any historic photos or memorabilia relating to both the board and the Whanganui Hospital.

Determined that the DHB preserves its rich heritage, former registered nurse and board member Ailsa Stewart has taken on the role of collating, cataloguing and archiving historically significant records and items relating to the DHB since the 1890s.

To help this effort, Miss Stewart said she's keen to receive photos of former staff and hospitals, DHB sites and buildings throughout the Whanganui district, and or any memorabilia people think might be of interest.

Items can be donated to the WDHB's archives or alternatively scanned, copied, photographed and returned to the owner.


WDHB chief executive Julie Patterson says she's very grateful to Miss Stewart and to WDHB graphic designer Christie King for accepting the task of preserving the history.

"Whanganui Hospital, or Whanganui District Health Board as we've been known more recently, has a proud history which we must preserve for those who follow us," Mrs Patterson said.

"Ailsa has done a fabulous job putting away photos and items of interest over the years and now the time has come for us to catalogue these treasures and see if we can add to them," she said.

"And having Christie on board means we have a young staff member willing and able to carry on the legacy when our older members of staff and the community feel they want to hand the reins over."

Anyone wanting to contribute to the archives can email or phone Ms King on 348 3396.