The average Horizons Regional Council rate rise in Whanganui will be 4 per cent. The council adopted its 2016/17 Annual Plan this week and has set an average rate rise of 3.1 per cent across the region.

Horizons chairman Bruce Gordon said the rise would vary depending on where people lived and the level of service they received.

The highest rate rise is 8.6 per cent in the Waitomo part of the regional council's catchment.

Rangitikei rates on average will rise by 1.8 per cent and Ruapehu 1.2 per cent.


The council also agreed to take a "co-ordinating role around regional growth by working with territorial authorities, iwi and businesses", Mr Gordon said.

The regional growth Accelerate25 programme has been allocated a budget of $230,000, made of $130,000 from reserve funds and $100,000 from the UAC general rate. The Annual Plan will be available by June 30 at Horizons' offices and online at