The beauty of Castlecliff is on display at the Wanganui Community Arts Centre this week in the form of photos taken by students from Kokohuia, Aranui and Castlecliff schools.

The Castlecliff Through the Lens project, driven by Coast Care co-ordinator Graham Pearson and supported by H&A Print and Sietske Jausma from the Sarjeant Gallery saw young photographers scrambling through the dunes and scouring the neighbourhood for the best scenes.

This is the second year of the project and the exhibition has moved from Duncan Pavillion where it was on display last week.

Nine-year-old Iroam Tawhai of Aranui said he enjoyed being part of the project last year and was happy to be included again.


"I chose to take most of my photos of the sand dunes because I love them.

"I love to play in them and run and jump in them," he said.

Teresa Rennie of Castlecliff school focused on park and playground scenes with people and dogs passing through.

"I could get lots of different photos from different paces in the park," she said.

- Castlecliff Through the Lens will be on show at the Wanganui Community Arts Centre gallery from 10am-4pm throughout this week.