A man suffering chronic leg pain has been given a specialised knee crutch that he says is "really worth its weight in gold".

Rodney Cribb told the Chronicle in April he was planning to have his leg amputated after medical misadventures left him with chronic regional pain syndrome in his ankle.

Mr Cribb suffered complications after a break in his ankle was initially missed by doctors, and a later surgery left him with nerve damage.

He has been battling pain since 2007.


After the Chronicle story about Mr Cribb's situation, a Tauranga company called ProableNZ got in touch, offering Mr Cribb one of their hands-free crutches, specifically designed for lower leg injuries.

The IWALK 2.0 has allowed users to continue living and working as close to normal as possible, a spokesman said.

"What's more, long-term users have had significant reductions in pain medication from using this simple device."

The company sent Mr Cribb the product free.

Mr Cribb said yesterday the aid had dramatically improved his mobility.

While he still suffered chronic pain, he thought the product might be helping with it. He is still looking to have his leg amputated to help ease his pain, but said he recommended the crutch to anybody in a similar situation.