Whanganui East School were in the pink all of last week in the lead-up to Pink Shirt Day yesterday with rosy-toned clothing and accessories.

Principal Eleanor Barry said the school chose to carry the anti-bullying message through the whole week in classrooms and the playground.

"We have had great feedback from parents about the messages that children are taking home and there have been some fabulous pink outfits at school," she said.

Parent and school board member Karney Herewini said he feels proud of the school for its strong focus on such an important issue. "As a parent, my two boys have come home this week and discussed bullying with me and my family which really made me happy that I was given a chance to talk over this topic with them," he said.


Whanganui East student Jessica Chisholm, 11, said she learned about different types of bullying this week, especially cyber-bullying.

"I knew about people being bullied online but I didn't know what it was called," she said.

Piper Kenny, 9, said she learned about rights and responsibilities.

"I have the right to learn without being disturbed and the responsibility to let others do their work, too."

Katie Ramage, 10 , said a bully is someone who is jealous and feels the need to put others down.

"If someone does that you should tell a teacher or just walk away," she said.