Iain Ferguson is retired and an inveterate cyclist and it's a mode of transport he wants others in Whanganui to adopt.

Mr Ferguson told the Whanganui District Council's 2016-17 annual plan hearings this week that he believed more people would get on their bikes if it wasn't for the perceptions of the dangers involved.

He said some drivers specifically targeted cyclists while other drivers simply didn't see riders on the road.

"Trucks are another matter - they're big, loud and terrifying."


He suggested council extend the shared pathways around the city, like the one on Somme Pde from the Dublin Street Bridge to Taupo Quay, which he said was a "brilliant example" of a safe cycleway off the main carriageway.

Marion Sanson was another keen cyclist who submitted to the council, saying she supported initiatives the council had made to support cycling around the city.

But Ms Sanson said Whanganui was not a cycle-friendly city. She asked council roading engineers to give more thought to the type of surface provided for cyclists.

"I use the cycle lanes in Victoria Ave but when they have been resealed, using the same grade of chip as the road, then this makes for a very uneven and unpleasant ride."

She wants reseals to provide a smooth surface to differentiate cycle lanes from motor vehicle lanes.

Council will meet on May 30-31 to deliberate on all the submissions and on June 30 will adopt the final annual plan and amendments to its 2015-25 10-year plan.