A baby was taken to hospital for a check-up yesterday after being involved in a car crash.

A police spokesperson said there was a two-car collision at the intersection of Victoria Ave and London St about 11.15am.

Nobody was hurt, they said.

The cars were moved off the road, but a passerby said a Hyundai was in the middle of the intersection when he drove past, while the other vehicle was sitting just past the intersection on London St.


Video Ezy employee Pip said she and her coworkers were waiting for the time a crash at the site would be fatal.

She said there was a crash there every couple of months, "but the near-misses and the cringe moments are just about every bloody day".

She has been working there for 10 years and would often see drivers disobey the intersection rules or fail to give way.

It was common for her to see trucks roll through the give-way in front of cars as they came down from St John's Hill.

Pip was unsure what could be done to make the intersection safer.