Whanganui could be looking for new councillors at a regional level come the October elections.

While eight of Horizons Regional Council's 12 councillors say they are definitely standing for election again, three are undecided.

Those three include Whanganui representatives David Cotton and Rod Pearce - while Palmerston North councillor Murray Guy will only say whether he intends to stand after nominations open.

The regional council's nomination forms will be available on July 15, and nominations close on August 12. Local body election day is October 8.


Mr Cotton will decide next month whether to stand again for Whanganui. He said he had enjoyed his time with the council but it was a big commitment.

Fellow Whanganui representative Mr Pearce is also in his first term as a councillor and also waiting to make a decision.

Another in her first term is Palmerston North's Rachel Keedwell, and she gave a definite "yes". She said she was finally getting to grips with issues, and there was still a lot she wanted to do.

Also keen to stand again is Manawatu-Rangitikei representative and council chairman Bruce Gordon, who has enjoyed the work and believes he still has a significant contribution to make.

Gordon McKellar, also representing Manawatu-Rangitikei, is equally keen.

The council had made good progress in working with the community during his time, he said, and he felt he had the skills and commitment to contribute to further progress.

Bruce Rollinson from Ruapehu, John Barrow from Tararua, Colleen Sheldon and Lindsay Burnell from Horowhenua-Kairanga, and Pat Kelly from Palmerston North are all standing again.

Paul Rieger, the deputy chairman from Palmerston North, has not made a decision yet. He said he occasionally thought, "why bother?", but still had things he wanted to do.