One of the migrants who has moved to Whanganui and made a success of it is Satish Mani, who came to New Zealand from Fiji 15 years ago to give his three children better career opportunities.

Although he had his kids' best interests at heart, Mr Mani said moving to New Zealand was initially difficult.

"It was very hard actually to settle in a new country. I didn't have job experience, and communicating with people wasn't easy, and I didn't have any family or friends."

The 54-year-old has lived in Whanganui since 2006, and owns an Indian snack and sweet manufacturing business.


He has also worked as a caregiver for people with disabilities for the past nine years.

With his three children now aged 19, 24 and 26 and all happily working or studying fulltime, Mr Mani said the early challenges of moving to Whanganui had been justified.

"After settling down, you learn how to work and you meet people. You get more used to it. It's peaceful, it's a better place to live ... it has a better future."