Politician power has brought bread back to the foodbank in Hawera.

A group of Labour politicians were in the Whanganui and South Taranaki area this week to discuss health issues, and visited the Hawera foodbank during their trip.

Deputy Labour leader and health spokeswoman Annette King said Hazel Robinson, who has run the foodbank for 25 years, told them Countdown had stopped providing buns and bread from their surplus at the end of the day.

"For years they've provided it," Ms King said.


She said the supermarket had stopped providing the surplus bread at the beginning of April, citing health and safety issues.

"We said at the meeting, we're going to take this up with Countdown's head office."

Later that evening Ms King received an email from Countdown saying the "head office were now aware of this" and were "fixing" the situation. "This is a major on-the-ground achievement."