Whanganui MP Chester Borrows is urging the Whanganui region's businesses to help find jobs for those affected by Cavalier Spinners redundancy announcement last week.

Mr Borrows said he had spoken to plant manager Iain MacLeod and Cavalier Bremworth chief executive Paul Alston over the past week.

"I really feel for the Cavalier team, which has been part of the Heads Rd Industrial Area scene for over 40 years," he said.

"It's been a sudden announcement of a business decision which has to be respected because of the downward trend in wool carpet products and the corresponding rise in synthetic floor coverings."


Though it was heartening the plant would stay open, not all staff would have a job under the new structure, he said.

"While the company is committed to offering relocation to Hawke's Bay, this option will not be an option for many, so I urge any local organisations with part or full-time opportunities right now or even later in the year to get in touch (with those affected).

"I'm realistic about the possibility of finding work for those affected by the down-sizing, but with retraining, a portion of these people could easily fit in with other manufacturing and process-type work in the region and that's significant because even a single job lost can mean our community loses a whole family."