It's all about lavender at Waireka Road Natural Products.

This boutique company sells its own handmade lavender beauty and cleaning products, many of them made using locally-grown lavender.

The company, owned by Denita Tizard and Kelly Dudson, opened its doors to the public on April 5. Products include essential oils, cleaning products, scented sprays, deodorant, body scrubs, hand cream, bath salts, and many others - nearly all of which are hand-made by Mrs Tizard and Mrs Dudson, using lavender grown by Mrs Tizard.

"I've been interested in essential oils for about 30 years," Mrs Tizard said. "Then, about four years ago, my family moved to the lavender farm in Waireka Road, and it blossomed from there."


The two women are good friends, and when Mrs Dudson found out about Mrs Tizard's plans to make natural lavender products, she was keen to get involved.

"I did quite a lot of experimenting with lavender recipes, and now I have a really good book full of lavender recipes."

Despite the quality of the products, the prices are very reasonable: from $5 for a lip balm to $12.50 for an essential oil.

"We wanted to price them so that everyone can afford to buy them, and enjoy them," Mrs Tizard said.

One of the company's most popular products is the lavender dishwashing powder.

"I can't make enough of that right now. It works really well, and doesn't leave that chemical taste that you usually get when things come out of the dishwasher."

Mrs Tizard also runs regular workshops on cleaning using natural products.

The business will focus on selling online. However, for those who prefer to buy in person, a small store is operating from 56 Young St, Whanganui East, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays between 9am and noon.

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