A unique collection of motoring history will drive into Whanganui next weekend for the national rally of the Jowett Car Club of New Zealand.

Cars from Auckland to the deep south will be travelling to the city for the rally and show being held from April 23-25.

Spokesman Alan Stanley said the vehicles, including saloons, coupes and vans, will take part in competition for national trophies in concours and a gymkhana as well as a river trip and social events.

Jowett cars were produced in the UK city of Bradford.


The first vehicles came off the production line in 1906 and continued until 1953.

"The most common models were the post-World War II Javelin saloon and Bradford truck or van, and the lesser known Jupiter sports car," Mr Stanley said.

A feature of all the Jowetts was the trademark horizontally opposed engine.

He said the best place for the public to view the cars would be at the concours that is taking place on Saturday, April 23 between 10.30am and 11.30am outside the War Memorial Centre in Watt St.