Whanganui 44 truck driver Hamish Auret did not hesitate ...

The former national champion had one goal in mind at the Suzuki Extreme Challenge at Turakina on Sunday - to become the first New Zealander, and the second man ever, to complete a full 360-degree flip.

Event organiser Dan Cowper had built the final obstacle on the course specifically so drivers could attempt the feat if they wished.

"The brief wasn't to do a mandatory back flip - but they wanted it and I built it out," said Mr Cowper.


"The last part was so steep they were falling on their back anyway.

"That's what Auret wanted to do - and he did it."

Auret, in his Pirtek Wanganui Corvette, gunned straight up the climb and got the 7000cc power surge he needed to go right over and land back on his tyres.

"He just nailed a perfect one - the crowd just went wild," said Cowper.

For Auret, it was a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

"It was pretty awesome - I was keen to do it because no one's done it," Auret said.

"I'm not going to rush to do it again - it's high-risk. The second I landed I heard a huge roar."