Knitting needles are clicking away at Upokongaro School as young crafters contribute squares for a blanket that will be donated to Whanganui Women's Refuge.

The school attended the launch of the The Women's Project at Gonville Library last month, joining the Gonville Knitting Group, representatives from The Women's Network and Women's Refuge.

Last week the Gonville Knitting Group returned the favour and took their knitting to Upokongaro to assist and teach some school parents, grandparents, friends and students knitting.

Upokongaro principal Warren Brown thanked librarian Kelly Scarrow and knitting group members for visiting and sharing their skill.


"It was a memorable afternoon and we look forward to more visits and donating our finished blanket to Women's Refuge," he said.

The Gonville Knitting Group, which meets every Wednesday at 10.30am at the Gonville Cafe Library, supported Birthright with knitting donations last year.