Ruapehu District Council wants to put more money into economic development and build a multi-purpose community facility in Ohakune.

And it wants the community's feedback on the two proposals designed to attract government investment in the area.

Mayor Don Cameron said Ruapehu had been underperforming economically which had led to decreased opportunities for residents.

"For some time we have had an ageing and declining population, with declining employment and investment which we desperately need to turn around," he said.


"Although these trends have been driven by global factors largely outside our control, they have impacted on our traditional job creators which, in Ruapehu's case, have been agriculture and its supporting services."

Mr Cameron said the district's organisations and facilities needed to be properly resourced to do the job expected of them.

He said the district had opportunities, especially in tourism, but to attract government investment it needed to invest itself.

"Council's proposal to redirect spending to economic development is necessary to allow us to take advantage of these co-investment opportunities," Mr Cameron said.

"In Ohakune, the proposal to develop a multi-purpose community facility has been driven by increased demands on the current service centre in both volume and for new and evolving services."

Mr Cameron said allowing the district to drift in terms of economic development and provision of key infrastructure was not viable if it wanted to increase investment, employment and incomes in Ruapehu.

People can have their say at or by picking up a consultation document from a council office.

"Your feedback is critical to ensuring our decisions reflect the values and needs of everyone with a vested interest in Ruapehu's future," Mr Cameron said.