Whanganui Police are seeking information regarding a cyclist hit by a motor vehicle in Whanganui this morning.
The accident happened at about 7.50am, on the corner of London Street and Victoria Avenue.
The cyclist was on his way to work, riding down Great North Road towards town.
Police say it appears a motor vehicle heading north along London Street failed to give way to the cyclist while crossing the intersection of Victoria Avenue.
The driver fled the scene after hitting the cyclist, who sustained minor injuries and was taken to hospital by ambulance staff.
Limited information on the motor vehicle is available apart from it was green.
The vehicle will have damage to the passenger side and the driver is thought to be a female.
If anyone has information regarding this matter, contact Constable Dalbeth at the Whanganui Police station on 06 349 0600 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.