It's been a year since Davida Brown's special ring was stolen, but she's hoping someone in Whanganui knows where it is.

And she's prepared to offer a large reward if someone will return it to her.

Mrs Brown, who lives in Dairy Flat, north of Auckland, was in Whanganui in March last year for Wanganui Kennel Club's annual dog championships. Her motorhome was parked at Wembley Park, when it was targeted by thieves, who stole her wallet and her Samsung tablet.

Inside the wallet was a very special ring: It belonged to her mother, who died three years ago.


"The tablet going was also upsetting because it had all my daughter's graduation photos on it, but it's the ring I really want back.

"I don't want to ask any questions - I just want to offer a substantial reward to have it back."

Mrs Brown was back in Whanganui during the weekend, and decided to make an appeal for its return.

"Someone could've flogged it off, and someone else legitimately bought it, not knowing it was stolen."

The ring was insured, and she's inquired to have a replica made, but was told it could not be exactly copied.

"And it wouldn't be my mum's ring, anyway."

The ring is an unusual one - white gold and diamonds, with a distinctive leaf pattern on the sides.

-If you have any information about Davida Brown's ring, please call or text her on 027-4517989.