Meatworkers' Union delegates from Affco Imlay held a meeting on Saturday to discuss seasonal lay-offs at the Whanganui plant.

Ashley Cooper, from the Meatworkers' Union Imlay branch, said production was slowing down and workers were being laid off, as is usual at this time of the year. But he said the union had concerns about the way in which workers were being laid off.

Mr Cooper said Imlay seemed to be ignoring the collective agreement's seniority clause, which gives preference to workers who have been working at Imlay for the longest. Workers with a high seniority rating are laid off for the winter last, and picked up for the new season first.

Mr Cooper said he was not sure how many union workers the lay-offs would affect, but he thought up to 20. Last week 100 workers, including senior union members, were laid off at Affco's Rangiruru plant.