A vehicle spun out and rolled on its roof on Somme Parade yesterday. Firefighters were on their way back from another job about 12.30pm when they found a ute on its roof, "half on the road and half up on the handrail".

A man was still inside the vehicle, which had rolled outside Caroline's Boatshed.

Senior station officer Bryce Coneybeer said the ute had collided with a car. The driver of the ute was suffering "chest injuries or chest pains" and had to be helped from the vehicle. An occupant of the car was suffering back pain, and both were taken to hospital.

Witness Rhys Hampton said the driver of the ute "came screaming up behind us" just before the railway crossing.


He said the ute would have been going about 60km/h to 70km/h and "got a bit of bounce" from the railway tracks.

Mr Hampton said the ute hit the back of another car before it "spun right around and then flipped over on to his roof".

Car flipped in Somme Parade, Aramoho