Aaron Horne's victim had cracked ribs and black eyes from his attack on her earlier in the day, but that didn't stop him from raping her as she lay injured in bed.

Horne, also known as Rocky, was sentenced yesterday for a range of physical and sexual assaults.

His two victims sat in the gallery at the Whanganui District Court, at times showing clear distress as details of Horne's offending were read out.

"The defendant was frequently violent towards [the victim], often to the point where [she] would require hospitalisation or medical treatment," Judge David Cameron said.


He detailed several occasions where Horne punched the victim in the head, knocking her unconscious. On one of these occasions, the victim awoke in an ambulance, lost consciousness again, and woke up in Palmerston North Hospital.

She was told a man claiming to be the defendant's brother wanted to come into her room to see her, so agreed. But instead Horne walked in, "with a look on his face to the effect that [the victim] was not to tell hospital staff that he wasn't [his brother]".

Later, Horne removed her neck brace and took her away from the hospital, without her being formally discharged.

Another time when Horne knocked the victim out, she woke up bleeding from the nose and mouth, but Horne kept her at the house for the rest of the day while she continued to bleed "profusely". He eventually called his sister, who took the victim to the hospital.

Judge Cameron said the victim was punched "so often that she cannot now remember each occasion of violence".

On about eight occasions, Horne strangled the victim to the point she would black out or nearly black out.

One day, he took a sawn-off shotgun he called "Betsy" and held it against her head while yelling.

Horne's other offending relates to a child under 12.

He called the child into a shed while masturbating and had her touch his penis while he did so.

On other occasions he would take the child in his car, pull over in a secluded area, and touch her breasts outside the clothing. He would ask to touch her "down below" but the child said no.

He also sent the girl pictures of his penis on her cellphone.

In March 2007, Horne became "angry" when he asked the first victim to pass him something and she didn't know what it was. He repeatedly punched her about the head and body and stomped on her.

He also tried to gouge her eyes, Judge Cameron said.

The victim was able to run away and flag down a passing motorist for help.

The assault left her with cracked ribs and black eyes, but when Horne came back in the evening he raped her, despite her saying no, and that she was in pain.

Horne pleaded guilty to two counts of injuring with intent to injure, male assaults female, threatening to kill, inducing a girl under 12 to commit an indecent act, indecently assaulting a girl under 12, committing an indecent act with intent to offending, and rape.

He is currently serving a prison sentence for raping another victim in 2008. As the current offences preceded the offences he was serving time for, Judge Cameron sentenced Horne as if he were sentencing him on the old and new charges together.

This brought him to a final sentence of 11 years and six months, which means Horne will serve four extra years on his current sentence.