It was all about the atmosphere at this year's Relay for Life, participants say.

"This is my first time and it's just been a ball," said Tracy Rawcliffe, who was part of The Warehouse team in this year's Cancer Society fundraiser.

Teammate Donna Kara said the atmosphere as people walked around the track was one of her favourite parts.

Ms Kara had several family members who died from cancer, and Ms Rawcliffe's father had it.


Other teammates Sam Solomon and Monique Campbell, also had loved ones affected by cancer.

"Everybody knows somebody who's been affected by it," Ms Solomon said.

She enjoyed "hanging with everybody" during the 24-hour relay, while Ms Kara said she liked meeting people.

She described the experience as "mean".

"I felt it in my legs, but it's mean."

Ms Rawcliffe was "looking forward to next year".

Meanwhile, Shona Buchanan was making her way around the track with her husband, Mike, who was in a wheelchair with a sprained ankle.

She said they had been "in and out" over the 24 hours.

They were with the team Hot Pink Flamingos.

Mrs Buchanan said there was great community spirit at the relay and enjoyed seeing children and families joining in.

She came back to the relay in the early hours of the morning, and said it was very peaceful.

Video of Saturday night

2016 Relay for Life on Saturday night at Cooks Garden.

Event co-ordinator Kat Wade said there had been a fantastic crowd, including teams from four secondary schools and two primary schools.

"Whanganui High School actually had a team of about 80 kids," she said.

"We were stoked this year that lots of people stayed overnight."

Ms Wade said the atmosphere was something special.

"For the whole 24 hours just the buzz has been consistently up," she said.