Firefighters had to cut a woman out of a car yesterday after a two-vehicle road crash outside the Windermere Berry Farm.

Traffic was reduced to one lane while passing the accident scene, where two cars could be seen on the opposite side of the road from the berry farm entrance, facing away from Whanganui.

One car sat crumpled on the shoulder of the road while the other was in the ditch.

Wanganui Fire senior station officer Doug Bennett did not know how the crash had happened, but thought one of the cars might have been coming out of the berry farm entrance at the time of the collision, just after 4pm.


Mr Bennett said the occupants of the car in the ditch were out of the vehicle by the time firefighters arrived, and there were two people still in the other car.

One person had some injuries, so St John paramedics got firefighters to cut part of the car away so they could work on the injured occupant before removing her from the car.

A woman sitting in the back of one of the ambulances could be seen holding a small child.

Three fire trucks, two ambulances, and several police cars were at the scene.