EQC troubleshooter Bryan Staples is back in Whanganui this weekend and holding a public meeting.

Mr Staples, the chief executive of Earthquake Services, has been investigating the cases of 26 Whanganui people whose properties were damaged by heavy rain last June and whose payouts from EQC would not be enough to repair them.

After an initial visit to each in January, with a team, he is back to report his findings. He's arriving on Saturday morning, bringing specialist insurance lawyer Grant Shand, a junior lawyer and a geologist.

Mr Staples has reviewed the entitlements of the 26 property owners, and written brief reports. On this visit he will be speaking with each of them.


"We will tell them what we think we can do, if anything. If they want us to do something they will sign one of our contracts."

To answer any extra questions from them, or to talk to other property owners with issues, he's holding a one-hour meeting at the Red Lion Inn at 8pm on Saturday. He's confident at least 20 people will want his help to pursue larger payouts.