Pink the cat came home 'wobbly' the other day and fell over' />

A Westmere woman faces more than $2000 in vet bills after her son's cat was shot in the leg.
Pink the cat came home "wobbly" the other day and fell over, Heather Mackenzie told the Chronicle.
The Tayforth Rd resident took Pink, short for Pink Floyd, to the vet and discovered he'd been shot in the leg.
"His thigh's been quite shattered so it's touch-and-go whether they're going to actually be able to wire the whole thing together," Mrs Mackenzie said.
If Pink's leg can be wired, the bill will be in the area of $1500. If plates and screws are needed, it will be about $2500.
"He's like part of the family, he's just such a lovely cat."
Mrs Mackenzie said she was "quite surprised" at how awful it felt to see Pink injured. "It was horrible."
However, she did not believe it was a malicious incident. She knew of some people who would shoot stray cats as they were a nuisance.
"We're out of town a little bit. You often hear shots going off for whatever reason."
The police have been informed.