A new rash of signs has gone up around Whanganui, reminding people to make sure their parked cars are unattractive to opportunist burglars.

With two of the signs are (from left) Trudi Deane and Sumita Dale from Neighbourhood Support, Mainstreet town operations manager Ritchie Minnell and Community Constable Keith Butters.

The signs are a joint initiative by police and Neighbourhood Support. Mr Butters said they were needed because people got complacent and ended up leaving valuables visible in their unlocked cars.

Neighbourhood Support encourages people to get to know their neighbours, help them out in emergencies and keep a watch on properties to prevent crime.


Whanganui field officer Mrs Deane said there were about 300 groups in her area and some were very active. Anyone who wants to start or join one can ring her on 06 344 6746.