WHANGANUI East residents can expect to see some changes to one of the busiest intersections in the suburb to make a key pedestrian crossing safer.

The crossing is at the S-bend on Jones St, through the busy Whanganui East shopping centre.

Local resident John West has been pressing the district council to get something done. "The issue is the speed of the traffic through the area. We've seen so many near misses on the crossing, and it's all down to speed."

Mr West is confined to an electric wheelchair and is a regular user of the crossing.


He said it was not just speeding traffic. He said vehicles trying to exit the parking area on the Whanganui River side of Jones St were still allowed to turn right on what was virtually a blind corner.

He believes the ideal solution would include speed restrictions either side of the crossing, raising the crossing slightly above the road level and stopping traffic from turning right when leaving the parking area in front of the shops.

Yesterday Whanganui deputy mayor Hamish McDouall met with Mr West and said the council would be doing something.

"We can expect to see something happen. It won't happen overnight but something will happen," Mr McDouall said.

He said a number of intersections in the suburb were discussed at a community meeting in Whanganui East four years ago. As a result changes were made to the Nile St-Wakefield St intersection and the Jellicoe St-Tinirau St corner.

"This crossing in the shopping centre was mentioned but it was down the priority list."

But Mr McDouall said as more heavy trucks were passing through the area, many of them carrying logs to the Eastown rail siding, "something needs to be done and it will be".