A group of children at Aranui School are lifting their environmental consciousness with help from Castlecliff Coastcare's Graham Pearson and teacher Liana Topia. Mr Pearson has been visiting the school to talk with the children about recycling and they are setting up recycling stations for the school whanau tonight.

Seven-year-old William Kean, who has been busy making a sign for one of the stations, believes everyone should recycle: "We should reuse things instead of throwing them away."

Hanxi Yan, 6, is also keen on recycling "so we don't waste things", and 8-year-old Kingi Edwards reckoned you could make heaps of things from recycled materials.

Mr Pearson said he enjoyed visiting schools in the Castlecliff area and encouraging the children to think about their environment and how they could help look after it.